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    February 13, 2013
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asked for and accept received a court appointed attorney. jones was arrested on friday, a week after conway allen's nude body was found in a park in fairfield. penalty. >> two students in palo alto high school face disciplinary action for having weapons on campus in two separate incidents. both students arrested on misdemeanor charges. one bringing an older stun gun to school, another for having a homemade gun that shoots rubber corks. >> and santa clara, police are back at the home this, home wrrx they detonated powerful homemade bomb autos they arrested everett bashman after searching the home on humbolt avenue. he's also accused of threatening a public official. >> we're still trying to figure out what happened. police arrived and searched a
search warrant on what is described as a credible threat. and in santa clara, the house had been occupied by what,6o0ñ neighbors describe as a secret man continued to give up secrets. what they are remains speculation. >> it's kind of a eye opener we've got here. and what we did find, usually. >> the patrol serve aid search warrant for threatening a state official, then, investigators found a counciled gun and explosives materials and unknown chemicals they disposed off on the front lawn last night. the rest remains unknown. >> he was looking at them testing them, he kept to himself a lot. >> not the kinld of guy you can borrow milk from? >> no. no. never bothered nobody, though.
>> he accumulated things outside of the house and in. chp describes interior as being a mess. not sensitive? >> you name it. i wish i can say it's one category. >> for a worried they're worried it might be booby trapped. avtq!e house. >> everything. every drawer. yes, corn. >> it can be time consuming sir. >> do you have a it can be done. >> we tend to find interesting items so... you know... the big thing is safety. >> and as@:÷nu look at some radio tower as above the house, they're still there. members of the santa clara
county bomb squad are folding up that tent. as to how long they will remain here and comb through the stuff? anybody's guess. >> wow. >> in pitsberg a high-speed chase enlded with three people under arrest accused of stealing a car. that is where they crashed and were arrested. >> a new report reaffirms claims chevron knew of a problem with the kor yoded pipe that caused a massive fire last august. >> this report prepared by a hayward lab says inspectors warned chevron about damaged pipe 10 years ago in 2002 but it was never replaced. >> chevron faces a fine for the incident that caused the
problem autos chevron saying it disagree was kirk saigss in the report. the result of a final internal investigation are expected soon. >> new jersey governor chris christie going to palo alto for a pry vilt fund-raiser in the home of face book founder mark zuckerberg this, wraps up a fund raising swing for christie considered a phone shall republican candidate in four years, christie and zuckerberg met in 2010 when the founder donated $100 million to improve schools in newark, new jersey later appearing together on oprah. we'll have a live report coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> transportation officials moving forward with a massive party to celebrate the opening of the bay bridgeuáy new eastern span. an mtc committee gave the okay today. it will include a bike race, a concert, fire works show and a public walk that is expected to cost $1.8 million alone
just to pull offv. a spokesman says there is a lot of support. >> it's not that different than any other bridge opening around the world. i think it's one of the few projects you make the bay better. i think there is a lot of interest. >> the five day showdown is planned starting webs wednesday, august 28th running through memorial day. first three and a half days will be used to hook up the old span to the bay bridge. rest will be for the celebration. the commission is expected to approve the party this month. >> pg&e asking everyone to be careful celebrating this valentine's day. the utility has nothing against hearts and flowers but the mylar balloons are a danger if floating into power lines saying they caused nearly 290 outages last year
alone. the contact can be dangerous to people below as well. pg&e recommends keeping them weighted and indoors and warns never try to recover one floating into power lines. >> we want to take you back down to san bernardino county. officials are holding a news conference about the end yesterday, presumably of christopher dorner the ex-cop turn add accused cop killer. >> federal bureau of investigations assistant chief. and if you have questions regarding individual or specific questions about their individual investigations, please, hold those until the question and answer period and with that, i introduce sheriff mcman. >> good afternoon.
events that occurred yesterday in the big bear area brought to close an extensive manhunt for murder suspect christopher dorner. our deputies in big bear responded to the report of a stolen vehicle with a subject matching the description of dorner. it was later discovered that he crashed that vehicle and car jacked a vehicle in the angeles oaks area. deputieses continued searching that area for the new suspect vehicle, white pickup truck as well as dorner. deputies were able to locate the vehicle, crashed and dorner fled into a vacant cabin. deputies were arriving, we believe the suspect began firing at ambushed our deputy sheriffs responding. two deputy sheriffs were struck by gunfire. one of which was severely injured.
deputy alex collins, he is currently at the hospital being treated and went through a couple different surgeries. i just spoke to his wife, he's if good spirits and should make a full recovery after a number after decisional surgeries. unfortunately our other deputy detective was pronounced deceased at the hospital. detective mckay is 35 years skld old and has been a member of the department for 15 years. he's married and has two children a 7-year-old daughter and a 4-month-old son. presently asign signed to the yucaipa station but had been a detective at the big bear station. my condolences go out to the mckay family this, is another sad day for law enforcement. our department is grieving
just a terrible deal for all of us. folks up with me have been dealing with this suspect's behavior over the last week.2b] we believe that this investigation is over at this point. and will just need to move on from here. i will tell you that the deputy sheriffs responding to jis active shooting sceney yesterday are true heroes. there are rounds being fired as you saw with absolutely incredible like a war zone. and our deputies continued to go in to that area to try to rounds kept coming but deputies didn't give up. our sheriffs are true heroes, highly trained. i will tell you i'm proud to be a member of the department. our deputy sheriffs did a great job yesterday.
thank you. sheriff describe the events of yesterday. deputy wounded should make a full recovery. the other, sadly died as a result of the injuries. >> i can to the absolutely confirm it's him. the suspect we're following and also stolen the vehicle matched his description. his behavior based on our interaction with him was consistent with mr. dorner's activity prior to. our coroner's division is working on tring to confirm the identity through forensics. >> >> as you just heard the sheriff mention remains have not been positively identified but they're convinced that the man they were in that war zone fire fight with was, in fact,
christopher dorner. >> the manhunt, the sheriff says is over. stay with us. we'll be back here in just a we'll be back here in just a moment well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows.
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customs and bordzer agents are on alert after the discovery of a tiny seed that could cause problems for california crops.yúj agents discovered cape weed seeds. it's the first time it has been found in the united states. cape weed grows wild and
considered a noxious, invasive weed. officials say it if it takes root in california it could have devastating feekts a former graduate student suing her school for a c plus saying the grade she received""óvn internship kept her from getting her desired degree and from become becoming a licensed therapist. she needed a b and is demanding the grade changed and she's seeking $1.3 million in damages. her.g=$ professor saying she earned zero out of 25 points in class participation its being called rolls royce of smart phones. check this out. unveiling the ti encased in titanium, includes a sapphire screen. the high tech, high class gadget starts at $9600 but upgrades. the price tag to nearly
$20,000. wow. maybe a smart fochblt i don't know if you're too smart to buy it that is crazy. >> yes. it is. >> and we've got the rolls royce of weather, perfect conditions. things just superb. spring in the air, spring in the step and spring arrives in february, now. here is a live view from our camera this is mount volmer. you can see low clouds and fog spriling through the golden gate now. skies are still mainly sunny across the bay area, sheer look at dive doppler 7 hd. during evening we'll see fog becoming more wide spread. sunny and mild. only 53 here in san francisco. 48 in half moon bay. over to the bay shore line, temperatures right now into low to mid-60s and these are
the forecast features, sunny, mild, sunny, mild, too. thursday through saturday, cooling begins on sunld. and showers are likely next tuesday and wednesday. we'll get back to a more winter like pattern,ñomy right , anything but winter like. high pressure nom nant feature. a big ridge of it. through monday, rain drops here in the bay area. starting at 7:00 this evening, you'll notice fog becoming fairly wide spread inland. into inland valleys of the north bay and east bay. despite the presence of the fog it's going to be chilly in spots. into north bay valleys. 39 in conk yordz, low 40s around the bay shore line&2v4y low 40s on the coast as well. let's talk about the highs. sunny skies, 70. highs of 68 in san jose.
65 in san mateo. 68 palo alto. low to mid-60s on the coast in pacifica. downtown san francisco, 64 degrees tomorrow. north bay highs upper 60s in cal stoga. near east bay highs 68 in oakland. 68 fremont. upper 60s to almost 70. here is the accu-weather forecast. we'll see 70 degrees on friday. temperatures climbing up just a little bit more by the way, tomorrow is valentine's day. don't forget your sweetheart or sweet hearts. pleasant throughout the weekend. more clouds on monday. it's president's day. and showers developing tuesday and wednesday. lovely weather. >> unusual appearance at a c/!p3q.
and a sip of water during republican response goes viral for good reason. how marco rubio is poking fun at himself. zp l9lñ a live look at forecast busy in both directions here at 4:20 in the afternoon. left side heading south on the right. it's slow going.
49ers also kaflt something of a spell of bad luck over the way area two other major sports team autos since the defeat neither warriors nor sharks won a game. they're a combined 0-10. houston rockets handed the warriors their fifth straight loss last night. >> sharks dropped five straight since the super bowl. they lost in overtime to it's not like these are bad teams, both remain near the top in their divisions. let's hope it does not transfer into the baseball season. >> exactly. >> on the court, working as a staples security guard he got into character. >> you can see there and there
he is escorting shaquille o'neal from his seat. >> oscar show gets bigger and big news for lady gaga fans. >> pop star lady gaga supposed to continue her world tour in chicago tonight but due to an injury left her unable to walk, she postponed nearly a week's worth of shows. and she wrote she tried to hide it from staff because she didn't want to disappoint fans but after monday night sherk says she could not walk. she continued saying quote it will hopefully heal as soon as possible. i hate this so much, i love you and i'm sorry. country singer erin church is this year's most-nominated artist. nominees announced this morning, church leads with seven followed by hunter hays with six and tied with five nominations a piece are miranda lambert and tailor swift. now, to the oscars.
show producers announced new presenters all packed winners. halle barrier and reese witherspoon will be taking the stage whit airs february 24th here on abc. if you haven't already go to to make your picks and cast a ballot, then compare them with friends on&o:. >> and abc 7 is the only place to watch the oscars coming up very soon now. >> and still ahead at 4:00 corruption scandal of a red light camera. what it could mean for ticket holders in the bay area. >> a night player after sea for thousands of passengers in a crippled cruise ship and apology from carnival cruise. and... >> high school students have the cans to ask chief justice anything.
breaking news in san jose. sky 7 is live over the scene. that is the image now. fleece are looking the fifth homicide of the year. we're being told the victim is a teen-aged boy. he's been stabbed to death on the 300
block of north 21st street. no idea on the victim yet just that they believe he is a teenager. >> president obama made a push for a higher minimum wage durings a vitit to north carolina. and to further his agenda he stopped by a former volvo plant. the president argued boosting the minimum wage could fuel a resurgence in american manufacturing. >> the ladders of opportunity better each year, then make sure kids are doing better than them? that is the american dream. >> republicans are dismissing the economic ideas, house speaker says raising minimum
wage would be a job killer. >> when you rise the price of employment, guess what happens you? get less of it. when american people are looking for jobs why do we want to make it harder for small employers to hire people? he says to boost job creation we need a smaller, less costly government. >> the company that makes red light cameras being zbaited in chicago for corruption business prak practices. some say that should be enough to put the brakes on the controversial cameras here. last week, the mayor dumped the city's long time red light camera vendor. news reports this grows a deepening corruption scandal. a company sponsored
investigation found two exec tifz had given lavish gifts to the official and it was covered up when reporters began raising questions. also has contracts with many cities in the bay area and the rest of the state. >> what this indicates is the history of the red light camera problem in california and elsewhere. >> state senator jerry hill has been a critic of red light cameras and sponsored several bills to weed out abuses in the system. >> more tickets theyyçç?ñ wrote, n >> hill says there is a lot of money to be made. >> when there is a lot of money attached, you start seeing some bad actors. i think red flex is, they're got caught. per month. so you've got a contract.
>> this attorney represented many red light camera violateors and told abc 7 news scandal, cities here ought to initiate and review contracts with red flags and other traffic camera makers. >> i think i cities and counties and towns ought to look into whether red flex paid any money owe get their cameras put up the ceo issued this statement saying in part we learn that some red flex employee dz not meet our own code of conduct in the standards people of chicago deserve. we're sharing information with law enforcement authorities and will take corrective action. there have been serious affects. the chairman of red flex resigned. vic lee abc 7 news. >> that disabled carnville cruise ship is inching closer
back to land. the carnival triumph is off the coast of alabama, scheduled to dock in mobile sometime tomorrow after the noon. that is five days after a devastating fire in the engine room. today, carnival cancelled 12 more voyages for the disabled ship and the c o. o issued an apology and said crew members are doing all they can to help passenger autos there is no question conditions are challenging. i can assure you that everyone on board and the cardinal team and shoreside is doing everything they can to make ri as possible. >> he says the ship has running water in most of the rest rooms and some bathrooms are working but passengers z overflowing and long lines for food. >> pope benedict 16th held a last mass as pontiff today. he was wheeled down the aisle
during ts service. it was the first mass since his surprise announcement he's retiring. in his homily he said he decided to resign for the good of the church and asked for prayers. he saved standing ovation. >> still ahead, that sip of water that became a social media sensation. >> and move over, gangnam style. >> today, 7 on your side q and a is just ahead. still taking your questions so you can contact me and on twitter at m mini. i'll answer your questions here live a little later. >> from mount tam there is a finger full of fog.
>> many
san francisco students got a rare one on one with california's chief justice today. abc 7 news explains.
>> california chief justice makes it a point to visit a school in california oncek] year this, year was balboa high school law academy in san francisco. a unique opportunity for students to question her. >> what advice do you have for a high school student with average grades if they want to be where you are some day? >> the chief justice told them regardless of grades to stay focused on ed oox it's like a house, build your foundation. be strong, gather tools you need. >> she was sworn into office in 2011 becoming the second woman to serve as state's chief justice. >> what are thest best and worst parts of your career? >> i feel like i'm on team justice. worst part of the job for me is that i'm away from my >> there are 90 students enrolled in the school law academy. justice was until today. i learned a lot.
>> she talked to us like a regular person. i liked that. she has such a great honor. she's a chief justice. i. >> i do it because it opens up kids' minds and gets them thinking about things and makes the world around them relevant letting them know anything is possible. >> if she had to pick another career she said she would have been a teach skbrer in fact, she says she may just do that the day she retires. >> people still talking and blogging and tweeting about marco rubio's water break last night. rubio neared the end of the republican response to the state of the union, he suddenly reached way over to his left to get a drink of water as you can see here, thousands commented on twitter. most people calling his slip of the sip awkward and
he joked bit with george stephanopoulos today on good?çg4 morning america. >> got to ask but that water bottle last night. twitter went a little bit wild. you know something you have ability to laugh at your self, do you have anything to add? >> no. i needed water, what am i going to do? you know? it happens. god has a funny way of reminding us we're human. >> democratic strategist couldn't help but make light of the tweeting quoting marco rubio the man you want to have a desperate gulp of water with. >> the winner of the westminister dog show will take center stage again, tonight. >> the 5-year-old pincher÷siw named banana joe was named best in show. >> tonight he heads to broadway will appear on the play.
>> really cute. :n=?joe namoth, now, banana joe. >> it's just lovely and continues to remain that way. we have sunny skiesy:4lr arounde bay area. nationally tomorrow we'll have usual mixed bag. cold around laces like cargo. sunny in the south with the exception of miami you might see thunderstorms.evql here in the state of california we'll see sunny, mild conditions from tp to bottom talking high temperatures 70 degrees in chico and sacramento. 57 or over in yosemite. 76 in los angeles so no matter where you go, you'll find pleasant weather. and some moftd pleasant weather will be highs into upper 60s, 68 in oakland and
concord. 70 way up north so it's just pleasant weather continuing this pattern holds into the weekend. we'll get cooling on send sunday and maybe a chance of showers early tuesday and wednesday,, looking good. >> looking great. >> thank you very much every one is doing the harlem shake. how did this get started?. >> that and a skier might want to take a look into gymnastics as well. >> another look at latest videos making waves on you tube. first up today, on coming avalanche with a back flip during the year's cup competition. this is the third year it has been held.
and that is before a founder had to perform gymnastics and all of the buzz this week is centered around the harlem shake. i can't help but move when hearing that song. it was introduced in 1980s but took until l the release of the 2012 remix for itg!qu to become a internet sensation. a single individual doing the dance, then after the beat drops, everyone spazes out and gets into the act. so many chanlz are participating it inspired a backlash. >> don't hate, appreciate. that will do it for hottest videos and trends online.
see you next time, bay area. >> up next exercise that can make a difference against the fight against cholesterol. >> and how valentines will help pengiuns there build a happy future. >> is there a correct, safe way to check your credit
research suggests type of exercise you do may lower your chance of developing diabetes. a study talk teftd people in three groups, first did not exercise, second sat 13 hours doing one hour of cycling. third group sat eight hours, stood two, then walked for four hours. danish research yeshers found the third group was less likely to have high cholesterol or develop diabetes, believing any exercise is the most efficient way to stay healthy. >> and new research finds lung
cancer is said to be the number one cancer killer among women in europe. it's already the deadliest form in the uk and poland saying it reflects a surge in the number of women who started smoking in the 60s and 70s. >> robin roberts is featured in latest issue of "people" magazine. she details her harrowing experience and five months later roberts, who also survived breast cancer says she's beginning to feel like her old self again, set to return to "good morning america" next wednesday, it will be great to have her. you can watch gma every weekday. >> michael finney is here answering questions in this
first one comes from detra what is the best way to check on your credit report. >> there some of you going to lead you astray to get money out of you. never pay. here is what you need to know. annual credit you go tlrk i believe we have a web page, maybe not anyway. go there, you can get all three up there. there it is. you can go there and get a free copy of each of the three major credit reporting reports every year, what i want to you do every four months is that you're keeping track. they reflect each other. >> never paying for this. >> you do not have to pay. >> linda ge mailed how does one find out which crowd funding web sites are legitimate? >> oh, man.
you say i've got an afrt pro skbrekt a business. i have an idea(<-ñ and sometime, i'll offer something in response to you giving me money. these sites do not checkù8c they'll say that right in the small print. we have not had rip ofz yet but i'm expecting them any time now. let me give you three major players you can take a look at them. kick starter indy go go. donor's choice. i would trust those the most. but none of this is being veted. you should know the person. >> colleen r asked my nephew is in a program for homeless people trying to get back on their feet. he needs a computer. do you know a place to get a good used computer? >> well, first of all good for him, second good for you to be looking out for him like that. used computers are around.
there small mom and pop computer stores down in the valley. you can pick them up. two i like are goodwill industries that rebuild them. and relieatech. if you skrks you can get a discount if you're in a difficult situation like revenue. i want to you check them out. they're going to do plenty to get through a college course. they'll be able to get online, a lot of fames ought to look towards this rather than expensive thing autos makes sense. >> thank you. >> sure. >> there is a lot of love going on at the penguin colony at california academy of science autos it's that time of the year, african pengiuns lined up to get a baek on a heart shaped volume lun tin. >> they were deck traited but this isn't just a cute gimmick. they are in large of drk drk charge of building love shacks from leaves and stick autos they're a big hit andl÷ pengiuns
rushed to put them in their boroughs perhaps hoping to get love back from mates. >> well, coming up next, president obama's programmis to fight climate change. >> how this will impact future jobs and big local tech giants. >> i'm cheryl jennin9
president obama singled out apple in his state of the yun yain dress for shifting manufacturing back to the united states. it's part of a growing trend that we're starting to see show aup cross silicon valley. sheer more from abc 7 news business and technology reporter david louie. >> this year, apple will start making max in america again. >> that comment turned apple
ceo, tim cook into a poster child for bringing back manufacture together us frus china however, the return in silicon valley is already underway. 30,000 new jobs are created here last year. semi conductor manufacturing jobs grew 4%. >> major high tech companies in silicon valley looking at right shoring. where they should put machining and many concluding they should have manufacturing in silicon valley. right near their headquarters and r and d operation autos flextronics is on the leading edge of the trend opening this week. it wants t'ç5j÷ be a head of the shift to us us manufacturing. some valley tech giants along the shore of the lower san francisco bay. the comments about the need to address climate change will hit home. the 2013 silicon valley index points out facebook, google, yahoo and cisco could be blooded as sea level rises 16 to 55 inches that. will put the economic future
to the test. >> companies saying look we're out of here and head to the hills and develop somewhere else. it's a possibility. we have fixed assets there. >> gary hopes saving the problem will create jobs. >> this is the next big thing like computers were the last big thing. >> it's good for the valley? >> absolutely. i think the whole country. >> the whole come back appears to be taking route. they've been working with companies large and small here with expansion will be able to help many companies in their own backyard. in milpitas, abc 7 news. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm carolyn johnson. remember, abc 7 news alarm clock app is available for android, you can down load it now for free and on google play and our free alarm clock
app is still available if have you an iphone. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> bould burglars in the east way bai and homes they seem to be targeting. >> it's full speed ahead for the bay bridge party walk coming with a hefty toll for driver autos i'm abc 7 news sandhya patel live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center. i have a sweet forecast that sh s.sure to brighten your valentine's day. beyond that, we have changes coming. i'll detail them out, coming up. >> that breaking news into san jose a teenager has been stabbed to death this afternoon. sky 7 is over the scene. i'm cheryl jennings. >> that stabbing happened on north 21 street near san jose high school. let's get to abc 7 news david louie live with the latest in san jose. caved? >> i'm going to be stanldzing
off camera jo. i want you to see the man behind us on camera in the white tee shirt looking distressed. he's been identifying himself as the brother of the fifth homicide victim of the year.k>:
police are going to have to hunt down suspects and trying to piece this crime together. we see a family tragedy unfolding behind us. >> thank you. >> the fairfield man accused of t%vcciuape and murder of a
13-year-old girl made his first court appearance today and today, we learned anthony lamar jones could get the death penalty if convicted. the murder of jan yell conway allen. laura? >> this hearing lasted just minutes. anthony jones answer td simple question was a yes, sir, or no, sir. his members of his family were in court along with the man who found this young girl's body. dressed in a jail jump suit, 22-year-old anthony lamar jones said just a few words as he made his first appearance, jones charged with kidnap, rape and murder of a 13-year-old@pc allen a 7th grader whose nude body was nound a fairfield park. eric may is a hemless man who found the lifeless body on the morning of february 1. he sat in the courtroom.